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36exp. was an exhibition at easaHQ (European Architectural Society for Artists) in Manchester, centered on the 36 exposure film. 36 artists were involved, each of whom had a number of photographs on display from the same reel of film, alongside the full contact print of 36 images.

I assistant curated the exhibition with the curator, Jack Howard, and co-edited the hard back exhibition catalogue.

Featured artists:
Katarzyna Perlak
Samuel Boxall
Liz West
Darn Thorn
Matthew Thomas
Vidisha Saini
Helen Flanagan
Scott Ramsay Kyle
Lucy Ridges
Helen Smith
Chris Spackman
Victoria Erdelevskaya
Ashley Cullen
Nadia Connell
Philip Bedford
Chris Butler
Jon Austin
Eleanor Marechal
Ayse Hasan
Graham Darlington
Katarina Thölin Chittenden
Marsha Balaeva
Sophie Determann
Robert Flynn
Rowland Hill
Simone Hodgson
Jack Howard
Simon Jones
Ben Bishop
Jessie Bond
Al W.
Alexander Williamson
Frances Wilson
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