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Body as Archive | Slade Research Centre | 28th April, 2018

Otto Willberg performing THIS IS WHY PEOPLE OD ON PILLS by Jennifer Walshe. Filmed by Scout Stuart.

Body as Archive was an event centered around gesture, which included a film screening followed by 3 hours of short and durational live performances, presented across 5 rooms within the Slade Research Centre.

The event brought together works across film and live performance which, from a variety of different perspectives, consider how gesture as a physical act can reproduce and potentially interrupt embodied structures of power, as well as drawing attention to a collective capacity to experience and interact with the world non verbally.

The performance event was choreographed in promenade, prompting an audience to explore the space physically to experience the work. Props, materials and coloured floor markings for each performance were left on display, rather than hidden; making visible the mechanics of the event, and creating a map with which the audience could choose to navigate themselves. There were 18 performances in total - solos, duets, group works, some inviting audience participation - which ranged across kinetic sculpture, sport, music, spoken word, Japanese butoh, Rwandan ballet, and a performance disseminated digitally via Instagram. Full programme information below.

Performance programme

Andy Ingamells & Maya Verlaak: Tape Piece
Jennifer Walshe: THIS IS WHY PEOPLE OD ON PILLS (performed by Otto Willberg)
Dori Deng: Compression Series, Work Number 1
Jessye Curtis: FULL OF GRACE
Maddie Wheeler: Breath Depth Breadth
Gabriella Hirst: Artist Portrait
Jasmine Lee: Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Cristina Planas: Excess Ardor
Taylor Doyle & June Lam: THERE IS MORE TO PERFECT
Amy Lawrence: tuch
Karolina Stellaki: Into the Inner Ear
Diana Tap-F: INTORE
Ioana Marinesco: Past Present
Amy Steel: Flaming Flamingos
Anton Lukoszevieze: Solo for Conductor, world premiere (performed by Mark Knoop)
Juliet Davis: -
Laura Hindmarsh: The Economy of Gesture
More information here.

Film programme

Gabriella Hirst: Interlude (2018)
Martha Rosler: Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975)
John Cage: Water Walk (1960)
Onyeka Igwe: Her Name in My Mouth (2017)
Kimberley Beach: Grab Your Things, I've Come to Take You Home (2017)
Sondra Perry: Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera 1 & 2 (2013)
Dominic Dispirito: The Same Things Everyday (2015)
Jo Pester: something good comes from repeated failures to communicate (2018)
Jayne Parker and Anthony Howell: The World Turned Upside Down (2001)
Meredith Monk: Turtle Dreams - directed by Ping Chong. (1983)
More information here.

THERE IS MORE TO PERFECT by Taylor Doyle and June Lam

Solo for Conductor by Anton Lukoszevieze, performed by Mark Knoop

Her Name in My Mouth by Onyeka Igwe (2017)

The World Turned Upside Down by Jayne Parker and Anthony Howell (2001)

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