Interesting Times [2019-]

Interesting Times is an ongoing series of work exploring the legacies of 1990s Eurodance and Eurotrance through mix tracks, installations, collage and performance.

Priority (fictional club poster), 2022. Pencil, ink and collage on paper, 40.5cm x 28cm.

These ‘Euro’ genres of electronic music were born out of Germany’s reunification period, during which social connections were re-established between East and West Berlin and a sense of solidarity filtered across European dance floors. Consequently the genre is noted for its optimism and lyrical preoccupation with the word ‘freedom’. Yet, these characteristics often sit alongside an emotively charged minor key, storm cloud samples and references to bad weather, melodies reminiscent of breaking news sound effects and beats that evoke states of euphoria and emergency.

My work is a means of channelling this sense of ambivalence into experimental speculative fiction writing for public forums such as dancefloors, publications, flyers and social media.