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Interesting Times 

Interesting Times is an ongoing fan-project which speculates on the ‘Euro’ part of Eurodance in light of Britain’s current relationship with the European Union. I am interested in Eurodance as a genre borne out of a dramatic period in European identity—the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War—and how the ambivalent characteristics of this musical genre appear to portentously foreshadow our current political crisis: a lyrical preoccupation with the word ‘freedom’, an emotively charged minor key, storm cloud samples, melodies reminiscent of breaking news sound effects, and beats that suggest states of both euphoria and emergency. Drawing on the cultural artefacts of Eurodance, Interesting Times operates as a speculative fiction writing for public forums, including dancefloors, gallery installations and radio airwaves. 

In September 2020 I presented a DJ’d essay across Zoom titled Do you think you’re better off alone? which offered speculative reading of the dance music from this period and beyond in relation to white nationalism, ‘Europeanness’ and the dancefloor as a mythic extra-temporal space of collective fantasy. 

The collages below were commissioned for Ambit magazine, issue 238. October 2019. 

Running on Cargo
Rowland Hill © 2019