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Interesting Times 

Eurodance music emerged in the immediate aftermath of the Berlin Wall and is characterised by a lyrical preoccupation with the word ‘freedom’, an emotively charged minor key, references to severe weather and beats that suggest states of both euphoria and emergency. It is a fantasy genre of irrational optimism and desperate, unanswerable questioning.

Through mixtracks, DJ sets, collages and a series of ‘close listenings’, Interesting Times considers the cognitive dissonance of 90s Eurodance as a reflection of the 'split between the decade’s self understanding — how it was imagined and anticipated — and the material ways in which it was actually experienced.’* The ongoing project offers speculative ways to interpret Eurodance's artefacts as both expressions of their time and portents of our present political crises.  

The collages below were commissioned for Ambit magazine, issue 238. October 2019.

*Gavin Jacobson, The 1990s: An age without qualities, New Statesman.

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