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                                                  Tape Talk (2015) Super 8 and digital film

A duet between a slide projector and a reel to reel tape player. A collaboration with composer Michael Cutting, shot in the abandoned projection room at Sheffield Picture House.

The piece began life as a live audio-visual performance, funded by Sound and Music for a 10 part UK and European tour in 2015 entitled 'FLECK', alongside new work by composer Joe Snape. The tour was organised by Joe and ACM Ensemble. Venues included Splendor (Amsterdam), Mayhem (Copenhagen), Del Rex (Berlin), Metal (Liverpool), The Apiary (London).

Direction: Rowland Hill
Devised by Rowland Hill and Michael Cutting
Editor: Rowland Hill
Sound: Michael Cutting
Cinematography: Ismar Badzic
Rowland Hill © 2019