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To a Certain Gentleman (2018) hard bound book, edition of 10


To a Certain Gentleman is composed from examples of apologias (pre-emptive defences for the author’s position) and genuinely apologetic statements, the majority of which have been taken from prefaces and introductions found within the collection at The Portico Library, Manchester. All of the texts that comprise To a Certain Gentleman were written by male authors; many by, and for, so-called “gentlemen” of the Victorian age, though others range from Biblical times to the early 20th century. The book fuses dissonant authorial voices, alternately revealing pomposity, vulnerability and self preservation, to form a single self-indulgent preface, referring continually to a text that never arrives.

The work was commissioned by The Portico Library, who hold a copy in their permanent collection. Read a digital version of the book here.

Examples of source material at The Portico Library used in To a Certain Gentleman

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