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To an Independent Listener (2013)

To an Indepdent Listener is a 45 minute film, commissioned by the University of Manchester to accompany to a soundscape of various work for television and radio by the electronic composer Delia Derbyshire. The soundscape was compiled by David Butler of the University of Manchester, and includes several recordings of previously unheard work which are currently protected by Delia’s estate and the archive at the University. I split the soundscape into 21 sections and produced a different short film to accompany each, whilst linking them together within the same conceptual framework. The film was made using a combination of found and adapted footage, including Mechanical Principles by Ralph Steiner, as well as original video material.

The film was premiered in September 2013 and has since toured the UK with Delia Derbyshire Day to six UK cities including Horse Hospital (London), Cube Microplex (Bristol), Norwich Arts Centre, North Wall Arts Centre (Oxford) and Anthony Burgess Foundation (Manchester). 

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