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stress leads to unsuaul words often (2017)
book; lecture with dictaphone app, 10 mins

stress leads to unusual words often is a text work about my own mental health, presented in the form of both a short ‘lecture’ and a book (TBC).

For the performance, I stand at a podium and speak words aloud to an app which live types the information received. Computer generated discrepencies, often bordering on the poetic, emerge in the space between what is said and what is ‘heard’. The performance acts as an ironic non-confession, capturing something of the frought negotiation between feelings and words, as well as an increasing reliance upon robot doctors and internet based self diagnosis.

The book (edition of 25) will bring together every version of the text that has been produced by the dictation app between 2017 - 2019. It will be presented with a thumb index and a series of custom made emoticons, inspired by Russian poet El Lissitzky’s ‘For the Voice’ from 1923, a book of visual poetry intended to be read aloud.

El Lissitzky, Dlia golosa (For the Voice) 1923


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