Fluchtpunkt digest from phone footage taken by audience members at Basket 3 event series, SOUP, March 2023.

Fluchtpunkt [2022]
Open duration performance-installation

Fluchtpunkt* is a light, sound and smoke installation invoking the fantasy world of Eurotrance. It draws on my ongoing work with ‘Euro’ genres of electronic music from the 1990s and my interest in settings for Eurotrance, such as clubs and fairgrounds, as mythological, extra-temporal folk-spaces of private and collective fantasy, projection and psychodrama.

The piece situates beats, hooks and acapella samples within a changeably dramatic audio landscape of wintry weather effects which plays with the suspense, nostalgia and emotional release inherent to this genre of music. Combined with a programme of lights, high density smoke machines and other dramatic props, the piece can be staged and adapted for different live contexts to become an ‘auto-disco’, a kinetic sculpture, an immersive club experience or a feigned performance.  

Fluchtpunkt was originally commissioned for Salamagundy, a variety show curated by Mark Leckey and produced by the Turner Contemporary in December 2022, where it was installed on a theatrical stage at the historic Roller Rink at Dreamland [Margate] in front of a seated audience. It has since been realised as an immersive experience in the club space at SOUP [Manchester] for performance event series Basket and included in No Bounds Radio’s Winter Special programme.

*German: vanishing point; place of refuge

Fluchtpunkt at Salamagundy, Dreamland [Margate], December 2022. Photo credit: Tim Topple

Fluchtpunkt at Basket 3, SOUP [Manchester], March 2023.