Fluchtpunkt digest from phone footage taken by audience members at Basket 3 event series, SOUP, March 2023.

Fluchtpunkt [2022]
Open duration performance-installation

Fluchtpunkt is a light, sound and smoke installation, commissioned by the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate for Salamagundy, a variety show event curated by artist Mark Leckey in December 2022. 

In lieu of an human performer, the work presents a choreography of animated stagecraft, including a ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ style smoking doorway, roving spotlights, acapella samples and wintry sound effects, conjuring the space beyond the stage into a portal to an internal fantasy realm of the viewer’s own making. 

Fluchtpunkt draws on my ongoing work with ‘Euro’ genres of electronic music from the 1990s and my interest in settings for Eurotrance, such as clubs and fairgrounds, as mythological, extra-temporal folk-spaces of private and collective fantasy, projection and psychodrama.

Originally installed on a theatrical stage in front of a seated audience at the historic Roller Rink at Dreamland in Margate, the piece has since been realised as an immersive experience in the club space at SOUP, Manchester.

Event compere: David Hoyle

Fluchtpunkt at Salamagundy, Dreamland [Margate], December 2022. Photo credit: Tim Topple

Fluchtpunkt at Basket 3, SOUP [Manchester], March 2023.