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A Thing Unseen: An interview with Rowland Hill, Still Life Issue 4: Ways to Disappear

Tha-at’s right available to stream on
6x6 project

On Location: An assembly, The Wire, Issue 418 - review of Tha-at’s right

Trip Report: An Assembly play Charlie Usher and Rowland Hill, Boring like a Drill, 16/10/18

Ten Artists to Watch, Elephant, 24/07/18

Rowland Hill’s Digital Relics and Provocation,
5  Questions, Elephant, 09/07/18


Still Life Issue #4: Ways to

Brgy. Unbound Press

Small Press Project vinyl
record,  Slade School of Fine

Rowland Hill (b.1989, Leicester) is an artist based in Manchester working across performance, moving image, text and sound. Her work plays with gestural and choreographic regimes, often with a host of collaborators including dancers, composers, conductors and interpreters. In 2017 she received the Clare Winsten Memorial Award from the Slade School of Fine Art where she recently completed her Masters degree. Rowland is also the founder and co-director of Video Jam, an award winning platform described as ‘audiovisual masterminds’ (Time Out), dedicated to curating, commissioning and presenting moving image works with live sound. 

Performing EAR ACTION by Neo Hülker & Stellan Veolce, with An assembly at London Contemporary Music Festival, Ambika P3, London, December 2017. Photo: Dimitri Djuric. 

Performing The Hands of God at Against the Run of Play, Deptford Market Yard, London, June 2019. Photo: Liz Calvi

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