4-hour performance-installation for nine performers. Commissioned by and first performed at the Holden Gallery, Manchester, October 2019
Opera is a 4-hour performance-installation which combines visual motifs and musical gestures derived from the generic narrative tropes of its eponymous discipline. Expressions of high drama are blurred and re-directed non-verbally: characters dance flamboyantly, set off smoke machines, lounge, wrestle and gaze at one another. No one sings. The piece is designed for a large open gallery space, audience members free to position themselves anywhere throughout its duration. Made with composer Jack Sheen.

Performers: Lucia Abbott, David Bainbridge, Svenja Bühl, Juliet Davis-Dufayard, Lawrence Dunn, Alex de Little, Jack Sheen, Danielle Summers, Anna Tulchinskaya

Video teaser

Phone footage trailer, shot by Scout Stuart