100 Videos
A unique collaborative event testing the limits of communal resource sharing.
Artist duo Rowland’s Leaving (Darren Nixon and Rowland Hill) host an ongoing collaborative event 100 Videos which presents 100 of their videos on 100 phones over the course of 100 minutes, offering audiences the rare chance to experience a large body of video work all at once and in person. The event hinges on an unusual exchange; each audience member agrees to become a collaborator in the event’s creation, surrendering their smartphone on arrival to present one of the 100 videos on a loop for one hour. In this way the event seeks to test the limits of resource sharing, encouraging a temporary offline community to emerge.

During the event we spontaneously enact scenarios and actions from some of our videos, leading one audience member to dub these “live action breakouts.”

To date, 100 Videos has been presented at Bath House Galleries in Huddersfield and Longsight Art Space and Bankley Gallery in Manchester, both in 2023.

100 Videos at Longsight Art Space, Manchester, November 2023. Images: Omari Taylor

100 Videos at Bath House Galleries, Huddersfield, July 2023. Images: Jeremiah Quinn.