Logical Song 
Solo exhibition
Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
4 February - 3 March 2024
Drawing on the aesthetics of 1990s Eurodance music, club culture and touring fairgrounds, I transformed Castlefield Gallery into an immersive and ambiguous attraction for my first major solo exhibition.

Image credit:
Jules Lister

Exhibition text:

Logical Song is an exhibition in three parts. In the upper gallery, Hill’s hand collaged poster Priority! (2023) makes wild promises and pronouncements about an uncertain future event. In the double height space, a new multi-screen audio-visual work Holy Prototype (2024, 5 min loop) presents a constellation of fairground signs which have visited my hometown every year since the early 2000s. These totemic images are set against the echoing voices of fairgound operators and Elgar’s ‘Memorial Chimes’, composed in memory of the First World War. In the lower gallery, Hill’s installation Fluchtpunkt (2022, 10 min loop) contains an audio landscape of extreme weather; a recurring metaphor in 90s dance music for conflict and resolution. Adorned with theatrical effects, Logical Song invites its audience to reencounter the fantasy world of Eurodance and its disquieting rhetoric of utopia and disaster. 

Exhibition publication:
Audience comments:

“(A) very very good and great and girly show.”

“Loved loved loved Logical Song. It’s giving suspense, immersion, mystery, alternate realities...all the good stuff.”

“I felt dizzy, disoriented, overwhelmed.”

“...energetic, sinister.”

“Out of head experience.”

“Amazing, incredible, emotional, needed.”